Thursday 13 September 2018

40KG PRESSURE NEW HAND PUMP FLUITRONICS PUMP we have for sale make FLUITRONICS LT-40L34.2-K 1431117 PA 1925727 date 31.08.2011 Fluitronics GmbH D-47807 Krefeld Germany E-mail:

 40KG PRESSURE NEW HAND PUMP FLUITRONICS PUMP  we have for sale make FLUITRONICS   LT-40L34.2-K  1431117 PA 1925727 date 31.08.2011   Fluitronics GmbH D-47807 Krefeld   Germany E-mail:

we have for sale as below:
 40KG PRESSURE NEW HAND PUMP   FLUITRONICS   LT-40L34.2-K  1431117 PA 1925727 date 31.08.2011   Fluitronics GmbH D-47807 Krefeld   Germany 

pump weight : 5.6KGs
Pipe weight :   0.7KG

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