Thursday, 20 February 2020

FOR SALE: New SS825 R/VRSM -1126 Ingersoll Rand SS825 Starter 2pcs worldwide delivery Email:

New SS825 R/VRSM -1126 Ingersoll Rand SS825 Starter  2pcs for sale worldwide delivery Email:

below details NEW  left And Right ROTATION  each 1pc we have for sale.

1) Make: Ingersoll Rand  ( made in USA)
    Type: SS825 R/VRSM -1126
   Sr: SP060224047
   max press: 225

2) Make: Ingersoll Rand ( made in USA)
   Type: SS825 F GCO 3 L26R
   sr: 0905/11412
  max press: 225

This Right Rotation starter can use on Cater pillar Engine (Gear Tooth need change)
and this is both can use in EMD Engine ( ELECTRO MOTIVE DIVISION )

worldwide delivery

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