Wednesday 29 July 2020

For sale: Elmo Rietschle Filter 89803225 & 89803217 & 3179576000 Email:

For sale: Elmo Rietschle Filter 89803225 & 89803217 & 3179576000

below new original products filters we have for sale:
for Hemworthy Sewage treatment plant
Part number: 89803225 / 12
Filter marking : 317901
Pin: 582.01.20

 Part: Cartridge delivery filter 
qty: 9 pieces

other as below: 
materiel:  paper
part:  Suc filter Cartridge
 Filter Stamping  part No: 89803217
  box marking 3179006000: filter marking 317900
Sewage treatment plant unit  AFT 
P/ NO: 89803217 / 11

PIN: 582.1.3.0011
qty: 11 -12 pieces

  1PC as below:
 paper filter LABEL P/N 3179576000
 filter marking is 317957 
Elmo Rietschle Gardner Denver
 discription : PATRONE M- TOP

feel free to contact us worldwide delivery available

if you dont have type of vacuum pump than let us know your filter size for correct supply.

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