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For sale Governor RHD6MC 105856-1684 400-2000 rpm QTY2 DIESEL KIKI E-mail: ( main) (cc)

For sale Governor  RHD6MC 105856-1684 400-2000 rpm QTY2 DIESEL KIKI E-mail: ( main)     (cc)

we have for sale :


p/n: 105856-1684 
RPM:   400-2000  
 QTY 2pc 
CONDITON: working engine removal

Worldwide delivery available

we also have below in ready stock:

RHD6-MC P/n 105856-1672 
RHD6-MC P/n 105856-1680
RHD6-MC P/n 105856-1681
RHD6-MC P/n 105856-1682
RHD6-MC P/n 105856-1683
RHD6-MC P/n 105856-1684
RHD6-MC P/n 105856-1690
RHD6-MC P/n 105856-1691
RHD6-MC P/n 105856-1711
RHD6-MC P/n 105856-5430
RHD6-MCL  P/n 5856-087
RHD6-LC P/n 5856-032   
Worldwide delivery available


Also we do supply as below:
   - Injector test bench –for M/Engine & Auxiliary Engines - iop make Denmark  for GF and MC/MCA series
.   -  High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps[IOP Marine, Goltens, Nagao japan,Hanmi koria and other]
    -    Starting motor Ingersoll rand TDI, NIKOO BOSCH 
   -  ENGINE INDICATOR  Leutert, Lemag, Nagano japan
   -  Feeler gauge  /VIGGO A KJAER
  -   Peak pressure gauge  PICK PRESSURE GAUGE - Leutert, Lemag, Nagao japan
 -    oil mist detector
 -  Lashing material
 - Life boat Air motor
 - Governor & spares
-  Oil water separator parts like filter, Coalescer, ppm monitor & sensors
-  Wildon pumps
-  New Wire Rope for crane
-  All types of pressure gauges for engines like Temperature,Rpm meter,etc.
 -   We are largest stockiest  of filters for crane / hyd filters /M/E filters /Generator filters /ows  filters & other machinery filters for vessel ,we have 25000 filters in ready stock .
15 ,NOR CONTROL AUTOMATION Rexroth and others
16. M/E Parts / Aux engine parts/ turbo charger/ and general supply.

Thanks & Regards,
Shakeel Sheikh
Ideal Diesel Marine
Ship Machinery and Engine Spares
Tel.: +91-7801989898
Mobile: +91-9825293844 WhatsApp 24hr
E-mail: ( main)

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