Friday, 19 November 2021

O.M.F.B. S.p.A. Italy Hand pump Code 106-011-00048 POMPA FULCRO PMI 25 S/5 +VS NO LEVA E-mail

O.M.F.B. S.p.A. Italy Hand pump ,Code 106-011-00048 POMPA FULCRO PMI 25 S/5 +VS NO LEVA E-mail

For sale New  as below:
Maker :O.M.F.B. S.p.A. Hydraulic Components. Italy
CODE: 10601100048
Qty 1
Condition: new
Worldwide delivery.

Maker products description:
Double acting hand pumps suitable to operate double acting applications. They can be fitted also onto tank and are equipped with built-in directional control valve and with adjustable relief valve.


5,0100 Kg

We sale and export all types of hyd pumps worldwide


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